lepimap logo 400x476LepiMAP is the continuation of SABCA (the Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assesment). LepiMAP represents an excellent opportunity to make your photography count for conservation. We are building up a huge database of photographs (with their locations) of butterflies and moths throughout Africa. LepiMAP is "phase 2" --- in phase 1 we built up a database of more than 300 000 records of butterfly distributions, so we have demonstrated that we can build distribution maps using this approach. Please help us build onto this database, and enable LepiMAP to produce the 21st century distribution maps for Africa’s Lepidoptera. Unless our knowledge of the ranges of species and how they are changing is based on solid evidence, conservation initiatives will only be based on anecdotes and the person with the loudest voice. So please do upload your photos of butterflies and moths to the LepiMAP database. The website at which you can submit your photos is at vmus.adu.org.za --- Join the conservation conversation! LepiMAP is a great way to involve the public in Lepidoptera conservation. Spread the news! Get your family and friends involved and let’s get out there and start LepiMAPping!!

lepiMAP-coverage-south-africaLepiMAP's coverage map as at July 2014


LepiMAP is also on Facebook. There is a group as well as a page. You can join the LepiMAP group here - www.facebook.com/groups/LepiMAP/

Become part of the African butterfly and moth mapping community, and to keep up to date with all the LepiMAP project news you can like the page here: www.facebook.com/LepiMAP.

The LepiMAP website http://lepimap.adu.org.za/

How to submit records to the ADU's Virtual Museums: http://www.slideshare.net/meganloftieeaton/how-to-submit-records-to-the-animal-demography-units-virtual-museums-28710898


woolworths sa LepiMAP is sponsored by Woolworths's Good Business Journey project.


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