journal-trans Metamorphosis, the Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LepSoc), publishes articles on any aspect of the scientific study of African Lepidoptera. This supports LepSoc's objective of furthering our knowledge of the diversity, taxonomy, habitats, distribution and life cycles of African Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). This knowledge is then applied towards their conservation, which is our ultimate aim, and why we need your support.

Up until the end of 2011, Metamorphosis covered accounts of interesting field trips as well as contributions of a more scientific nature. There were four issues per annum in printed format, with unusually large contributions accommodated as occasional supplements.

From 2012 Metamorphosis became LepSoc's scientific journal, published online (ISSN 2307-5031), as well as a printed journal (ISSN 1018-6490). Online publishing is cheaper and allows quicker processing of manuscripts, better visibility and availability to the scientific world, and sets no limits on the amount of colour images or the size of articles. Published articles are immediately available as PDFs for download and e-mailing to colleagues, in a format suitable for standard printers. Because articles are immediately available they can be printed later on in an annual, containing all articles published during the previous calendar year.

To encourage universities to place more emphasis on Lepidoptera research (particularly for conservation purposes), LepSoc council resolved in 2015 to make Metamorphosis an "Open Access" journal. The reasoning behind this was to raise LepSoc's international profile and prestige, increasing the volume and quality of research being done in this field. Open Access is necessary for Metamorphosis to gain accreditation with the South African universities, enabling researchers therein to qualify for subsidies for research articles published in our Journal.

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 The following is a featured article.

Observations on the larval host plant and life history of the Dwarf Blue, Oraidium barberae

Published in Metamorphosis vol 11: Nov 2012

The new e-Metamorphosis continues to break new ground. LepSoc KZN Chairman Kevin Cockburn learned a trick from Ernest Pringle for finding the elusive lycaenid larvae that hide inside the stems and leaves of succulents. After successes with species such as Tailed Black-eye Leptomyrina hirundo, he tried it on with a tiny creeping succulent he found growing in the Mhlopeni Nature Reserve, situated in central KZN's thorny Muden Valley. He read the signs right and found a little larva, but what it actually was, turned into a big surprise!

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