Structure and Office Bearers



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President Steve Woodhall

Overall responsibility for the steering of the Society, ensuring the Constitution is adhered to, and that communications are kept up.

Hon. Treasurer Peter Sharland

Responsibility for the business aspects of Lepsoc – finance, investments, financial advice, yearly accounts, membership management (via Membership Secretary), disbursements, receipt of subscriptions and donations.

Hon. Secretary Justin Bode

Drafting of agendae and keeping of minute records. Coordinating of funding efforts

Conservation Officer Graham Henning

Overall responsibility for conservation efforts including COREL, and communications with Nature Conservation departments.

Metamorphosis Editor Dave Edge

Leading the Metamorphosis editorial team; responsibility for publishing Metamorphosis.

Marketing Officer Peter Webb

Communication with the media; drafting and dissemination of press releases; raising the profile of the society to the general public.

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